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  Welcome to Course Kings 

  Previously Are You Trained Solutions ltd

Our mission statement at Course Kings is to give all of our candidates an exceptional learning experience. Our aim is to help

one million candidates to become confident and passionate about the skills and potential they have gained by attending any one of our training programs.  

We firmly believe that as well as being educational, the training programs that we deliver should be fun for all learners so that everyone who attends our courses reaches their full potential, having experienced a memorable, meaningful, and impactful training session which leaves them not only with a lasting impression, but also prepares the learner to actually use what they have learned in the outside world. 

We want you all to have the Oliver twist effect:  "Please sir, can I have some more?" 

 What Training And CPD Do We Deliver?  

Course Kings deliver effective training programs in: 
  • First Aid and Basic Life Support

  • Safeguarding Adults and Child Protection

  • Manual Handling and People Handling

  • Fire Warden Training

  • Health and Safety Training

  • Oxygen and AED training

  • Infection Control

  • Dental CPD

  • Business Skills

We also provide Sales Training and Corporate Reception training to organisations and private individuals.

To see a full list of our courses check out our Courses and Services page: here

Customised Course Design

We also design courses to your specifications and needs and deliver these courses through industry and academically qualified instructors.


Please take a few moments to look through our courses to find one that suits your needs. You will also find links to other partner organisations. Please feel free to either send us an e-mail or speak to an instructor direct on: 

07976 829 461


The Future

We take a progressive view of course development and as a result constantly add new courses to our portfolio. 

(Please watch this space for new courses) 


Our training courses can be delivered at our fully equipped training rooms or on your company site. We cater for both large and small groups.

Course Kings Defibrillator Challenge

Course Kings held a defibrillator challenge and we are happy to showcase all our successful clients who broke the 3 minute barrier.


Is your practice's name on the list?


Check out the successful teams


What People Say About Us

Here are three great true life experiences that serve as testimonials to the effectiveness of the training we deliver.


"It was an experience that I would rather not repeat. However your expert tuition helped get someone back from the dead (no pulse or breathing) twice. I was doing CPR for a very long time but it shows not to give up. The poor chap is in a very bad way due to a broken neck and has been in hospital for months. However he appears to have no brain damage at all, which is a miracle."

— Ralph, The Dentist@Chiswick

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