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Coronavirus Concerns and Reassurance

Latest Guidance for Delivering Training in First Aid

April 2020

First and foremost we hope you are all well and keeping safe in these challenging times.

We know you will have lots of questions regarding CPD training especially in the area of CPR Basic life support and First aid training.

Here at Course Kings Ltd we place the matter of protecting all our learners as our highest priority.  Our instructors in areas of CPR Basic life support and First aid training are monitored on an annual basis by NUCO assessors/Instructors. As a result, our instructors are also supported by NUCO who provide our qualified instructors with regular updates and advice on delivering practical training from the NHS The UK Resuscitation Council and the Health and Safety Executive which includes vital information on how training organisations should deliver First aid training in the light of COVID-19.        

In the spirit of transparency, I want to summarise some of the that we implemented at Course Kings Ltd which are outlined below:

  • First of all we will only arrive at your premises to deliver any course if we have no known COVID 19 symptoms ourselves.

  • Regarding CPR training the First Aid Quality Partnership have been in touch with HSE, NHS England Microbiologists and Resuscitation Council (UK) regarding the issue and I am pleased to say advice is now available as follows:

  • Our Manikins have one-way valves. These and the lungs are replaced after each session.

  • We use sanitiser/alcohol wipes between each learner and allow this to dry naturally. We have been advised to use this not only on the mouth, but wherever hands have been placed, which includes the chest, nose and forehead.

  • NHS England consultant microbiologist advice is that the above is sufficient. As a failsafe/double protection however, we will also issue learners with an individual CPR face-shield. If this is re-used by the learner, ensure it is used the same way around each time. Issuing a face shield is also likely to give significant reassurance to learners. We will also require everyone to wear gloves on the session.

  • As you will already know apart from wearing gloves and being 2 meters apart we have always cleaned our manikins before each session; changing manikin lungs, wiping the manikin after each candidate during CPR practice and of course always using face shields, so we are merely adding extra measures to our stringent practice of infection control.

  • Any member of staff employed by you that has any COVID- 19 symptoms will not be permitted to attend the session.

  • All course participants must be able to sit 2 metres apart. If you have a large group which makes it difficult to do this we will deliver the course in 2 smaller sessions. 

Course Kings Ltd is closely monitoring the global situation and is actively taking steps to mitigate the impact and spread of COVID-19, otherwise known as the novel Coronavirus.


We value the trust and loyalty that you are investing Course Kings Ltd.

For further advice on delivering CPR Basic life support the full Resuscitation Council guidance can be

found here.

Page updated 4 May 2020

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