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Speed Agility Quickness

The Most Innovative Training Program For Speed Agility and Quickness.

What is SAQ training?

SAQ or speed agility and quickness training is a method of developing  the various systems of the human body that come into play when we are required to move more quickly or be more agile. This is known as motor abilities which include balance co-ordination and the control of body movement especially required during competitive sports.


As practicing scales and arpeggios in music is essential for fully developing the skills of the musician or exercise at the bar is essential for the ballet student to develop discipline and technique so too SAQ training is arguably the equivalent of the above in developing speed agility and quickness systems used by the body.

How is this done?

Motor abilities are trained through targeting the central nervous system, to do this, SAQ training uses a tried and tested set of training phases carried out in a specific order which is called the "SAQ continuum.” Muscle movement is programmed by positive repetitive stimuli or performing very specific correct movement patterns repeatedly. This includes direction control, acceleration and deceleration, balance explosive power and quicker response.


To achieve this an individual is taken through a 7 phase training process (The SAQ continuum) which includes Dynamic flex warm up, Mechanics phase, innervation phase, accumulation of potential phase, explosion phase, expression of potential phase and the dynamic flex warm down.


Among other things, highly efficient Linear and lateral movement patterns are developed along with multi directional movement.

What are the benefits?

Even after a short period of SAQ training the candidate will experience better balance, speed, and the ability to accelerate and decelerate. The ability to quickly change direction and choose the most effective foot patterns without thinking, especially in highly competitive situations required in sports.


Additionally as there is a focus on correct technique the likely hood of injuries through bad technique is greatly reduced. SAQ training also has the benefit of producing the “FEEL GOOD FACTOR” and is a lot of fun to take part in. As a result those that take part always look forward to the next session, it’s a great way to get children involved in sports and exercise.


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