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ZOLL AED Plus"Real CPR Help"

The ZOLL AED PLUS is the only Automated External defibrillator on the market that will provide interactive feedback as if a trainer were present when you are doing CPR. 


Its “Real CPR Help" converts compression data instantaneously from the CPR-D pads and provides an adaptive metronome to help the rescuer with the proper rate and depth, saying “Push Harder” or “Good Compressions,” as needed. It also shows CPR compression depth on the display.


ZOLL’s AED Plus is the only AED that can see your chest compressions and guide you to the correct rate and depth during CPR. No other AED provides Real CPR Help.


Here Are The Key Benefits of The ZOLL AED Plus

  • Automatic self-testing every 24 hours to assure a constant state of  readiness.

  • British Heart Foundations AED of choice for 2010 to 2013.

  • One piece electrode for fast accurate placement of pads.

  • Uses common off the shelf batteries rather than other AEDs that use batteries which can cost over £100.00.

  • Compliant with 2010 resuscitation guidelines with upgradeable options for the future.

  • Lowest running costs than any other AED for the first 5 years of use. 

  • Real CPR help with instant visual and audio feedback on the rate and depth of compressions during CPR.

  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY with every AED plus device giving you peace of mind.

Why you should purchase this unit from "Course Kings Ltd"? 

  • Price includes a 3 hour training session for all your employees from a fully qualified First Aid and AED Instructor. 

  • Course Kings Ltd is an AUTHORISED ZOLL DISTRIBUTOR. 

  • Competitive pricing.  

Contact us on:

Tel: 0207 127 4203 / 07976 829 461



To get a personalised quote, fill out the form.

We look forward to working with you soon. 

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