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Principles of Safeguarding & Protecting Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults

RQF Level 3 Award

Course Objectives and Outcomes

Safeguarding is how we can protect children, young people and vulnerable adults from abuse or neglect by the actions, or lack of actions, of another person. In order to safeguard and protect persons from abuse or neglect we need to learn how to identify vulnerable individuals and take necessary steps to stop abuse and neglect.

Everyone has the right to be safe and live without the fear of abuse, neglect or exploitation and this course aims to teach you how to recognise the signs of abuse and neglect and what actions you can take to stop this from happening and occurring again in the future. Abuse, neglect and exploitation can occur anywhere and by anyone, quite often being a person of trust.

This course is designed for all persons, no matter the field that they are directly involved in, to give them the tools and knowledge to make a difference to a vulnerable person’s life. It will also let the practitioner reporting the abuse know how they can safeguard themselves in every day work, while seeking help and reporting the incident identified.

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Qualification Title: FAA Level 3 Award in Principles of Safeguarding and Protecting Children, Code 601/8471/1

Young People or Vulnerable Adults (RQF)

Unit 1 Title: Principles of Safeguarding and Protecting Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults Unit code A/507/1376


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Course Duration: A minimum of 7 contact hours in the classroom.


A range of subjects is covered including: 

  • Safeguarding legislation and guidance

  • Indicators of abuse or neglect

  • Making judgements

  • Communication

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Sharing of information

  • Dealing with and reporting of allegations and complaints

  • Assessment and marking


Upon successful completion of the qualification assessment, Learners will be awarded an Qual national Level 3 Award in England.

Age Restrictions:

Learners must be a minimum of 18 years of age upon course commencement.

Course Numbers:

A maximum of 12 learners can be accommodated on this course.

Learning Outcomes

Assessment Criteria 

The learner will:

1. Understand how to safeguard and protect children, young people or        vulnerable adults in the workplace. 

1.1 Identify key elements of the law on safeguarding: 

  • Children

  • Young people

  • Vulnerable adults

1.2 Describe how practitioners can take steps to protect themselves from               allegations and complaints within their everyday practice in a work setting.

1.3 Describe ways in which concerns can be reported for:

  • Children

  • Young people

  • Vulnerable adults

Holding Hands

2. Know how to respond to evidence or concerns that a child, young person or

vulnerable adult has been abused.

2.1 Describe the characteristics of different types of abuse concerning:

  • Children

  • Young people

  • Vulnerable adults

2.2 Explain actions to take in response to evidence of abuse according to agreed ways of working.

2.3 Describe how to respond to disclosures of abuse according to agreed ways of working.

2.4 Identify those people who the information of abuse or suspected abuse may be shared with.

Next Course Date:  TBC

Venue:                 London SE1

Course Fee:        £98.00 per candidate

In house training, on your site: 

Group of 12 candidates:  £1095.00


"Dear Kevin Morgan

A short note to say thank you for our course held on the 6th of June 2019.

We would like to say that the course was very informative, engaging.

Would recommend Course Kings  Ltd."

— Miss Philomena Homewood, DPM Practice Administrator

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